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ES Minister Hrachya Rostomyan Paid a Working Visit to Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center

16:36 / 02.06.2018

On June 2, RA Minister of Emergency Situations Hrachya Rostomyan paid a working visit to the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center. The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the staff of the Humanitarian Center, MES Center of Conducting Special Purpose Rescue Operations (CCSPRO) and the Crisis Management Center (CMC) and their activities.

Minister Rostomyan toured in the territory of the Center, visited the chemical defense and the sappers’ training auditoriums. Here, the Minister was introduced with the modern and up-to-date technical equipment intended for the training courses. ES Minister also got familiarized with the Humanitarian Center's storehouses, where the rescue equipment, devices and special purpose rescue vehicles of both the Center of Conducting Special Purpose Rescue Operations and the RA MES International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) were located.

The Center of Conducting Special Purpose Rescue Operations also had an intelligence- cynology team consisting of 8 members. They trained 8 dogs, 6 of which were shepherd dogs and 2 Labrador breed dogs for special rescue events. The Minister also got acquainted with the intelligence- cynologyists’ activities.

Minister Rostomyan was presented the functions and opportunities of the Crisis Management Center as well. The Minister was reported on the operative situation in the Republic through direct communication from the CMNC.

At the end of the working visit, the future plans and activities were discussed and outlined with the Russian side of the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center.

It should be noted that the Humanitarian Response Center is unique in the region. The key purpose of its creation is to provide humanitarian emergency response, to develop and strengthen the mechanisms for the prevention of emergencies, elimination of their consequences. It is equipped with the latest technology as well as with all labor and livelihood conditions. The Center contributes to the development of regional cooperation, raises the level of population protection and the operative response to emergencies in the region. 

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