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TAES Minister Is On Two-day Visit To Tavush Region

15:46 / 08.04.2015

In the frames of communities enlargement pilot program launch, TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan is on two-day working visit to Tavush region.

On April 8, TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan, accompanied by Tavush Deputy Governor Levon Sargsyan, visited the communities engaged in Dilijan group of the communities enlargement pilot program. According to the program, Dilijan, Haghartsin, Teghut, Gosh, Aghavnavanq, Khachardzan and Hovq communities, that were included in communities enlargement program, would be merged and Dilijan would become the center of the enlarged community. While meeting with the residents of the communities involved in the group, Minister Yeritsyan explained in detail the essence of the enlargement program, presenting the successful experience of the program implemented in Germany, France and a number of Eastern European countries. “This program will not only provide the equal development of communities, but will allow the promotion of more international investments in the communities, and improvement of more effective control over them. To manage 866 communities is more difficult and less effective. For example, there is a factory in one community, there is a kindergarten in the other one, in the third- a secondary and music schools, in the fourth- a cultural center, while part of them are missing in the nearby village. We must do so, that no child from any community will stay for example, without musical education. Communities enlargement program assumes, that all of these systems can be equally used by residents involved in the community group. To activate the inter-communication between the communities, no funds will be spared for roads construction, connecting the communities, and inter-communal transport will work for the residents”, - said A. Yeritsyan.

TAES Minister stressed, that communities enlargement program was not a reform obligated by the Government. For the program launch local referendums were scheduled to be held on 17 May, to determine whether the residents wished the implementation of the program or not. During the conversation with TAES Minister, the residents voiced their concerns and problems of the communities, which were mainly related to job creation, management of inter-communal lands and pastures, lack of agricultural machinery, roads, educational and cultural system.

Responding to questions of the villagers about the enlargement program, TAES Minister also mentioned, that the enlargement program would ensure more efficient use of community lands and pasture, and the villages would not change their names and traditions, they simply would be called the settlements, and would be involved in one community. The community would have a leader, but heads of the villages would also work for their communities, and the budget allocated to communities would not in any way be reduced, moreover, it tended to increase. According to the Minister, communities enlargement program would not generate any complication for the residents connected with the documents. “Each village would have its own leader, who would have the authority to issue certificates to local resident and the resident of the village wouldn’t have to go a long way for the necessary documents. There would be notary and registry offices in the center of the community”, -concluded A. Yeritsyan. On the question of the villagers, that how would the community budgets be distributed, and whether small villages would be disregarded, Minister Yeritsyan responded, that the funds allocated to the settlements would be targeted and would be monitored by the Government.

In an interview with reporters, Deputy Governor of Tavush Levon Sargsyan, as well as, heads of the villages engaged in the communities enlargement program noted, that the population had a problem with awareness related to the program, but after the explanatory work of TAES Minister, a positive attitude was noticed among the villagers and they were willing to the launch of a pilot version of the program.

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