“Survey for Seismic Protection” Agency


Current seismic hazard assessment

- Round clock data acquisition, processing and analysis and current seismic hazard assessment is performed.
- Creation of new software on current seismic hazard assessment and decision making expertise with the usage of all the monitoring parameters records.
- Task force activities including operative information analysis and transmission, population awareness, and technical inspection of buildings and structures in earthquake epicenters in Armenia.

Seismic risk assessment

- Quantitative assessment of seismic risk was developed based on main risk factors, levels, population density, vulnerability of buildings and structures.
- Seismic risk schemes for Armenia and Yerevan were developed as well as seismic risk maps for Gyumri, Vanadzor, Stepanavan and several other towns and world seismic risk scheme. Atlas of microzonation maps for 16 communities was compiled.
- Seismic risk electronic maps based on new technology for territory of Armenia and major settlements created first time.
- Regularly enlarging and updating numerous databases and improving the methods and programs for seismic risk assessment.

Seismic risk reduction

- Technical conditions and seismic vulnerability of critical facilities, and buildings and structures were assessed.
- New methods of earthquake resistant buildings and structures were successfully tested and implemented.
- SSP was actively participating in elaboration new seismic building codes in Armenia.
- Elaboration and approval of normative documents legal field enhancing.
- Creation of Task Force comprising seismologists, geologists and psychologists for activities in earthquake epicenter zone.
- Population awareness raising including education and training on seismic protection behavior rules.