"Special Mountain Rescue Service" CJSC

The functions

The goal and objectives of the company

The goal and objective of the company is implementation of rescue operations in underground areas via specialized detachments.

The company is mainly engaged in safety aimed functions in emergency situations by implementing the following activities:

- Prevention of accidents in underground operations

- Implementation of rescue and technical activities in environments hazardous for breathing

- Steel ropes test

- Inspection of mine ventilation system

- Inspection of dust and gases permissible contents in mines, provision of recommendations.

- Prevention of emergency situations,reduction and elimination of possible consequences, implementation of civil defense activities and protection of economic facilities in emergency situations, as well as rescue, emergency rescue and urgent accident rehabilitation activities.

Currently, the company provides services in Republic of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh through its detachments ofAvan, Akhtala, Qajaran, Arpa-Sevan and Drmbon (Nagorno-Karabkh).