Rescue Service

Main functions

a) Drafting laws and other legal acts within its jurisdiction

b) Coordinating state projects on prevention of emergency situations and elimination of their consequences made by state and local government bodies

c) Presenting offers to the prime-minister of the Republic of Armenia on carrying out civil defence plans fully or partially in the area of civil defence and protection of the population in emergency situations

d) Coordinating measures taken by state and local self-government bodies , organizations in emergency situations as well as providing involvement of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia and police divisions into them

e) Making offers connected to the financing of activities on civil defence and elimination of emergency situations as well as organization of purposeful use of material and financial resources

f) Organizing and coordinating state united registration of fires

g) Registration of fire technics and fire services of the state and local self-government bodies and organizations and involvement in rescue, accident rescue , firefighting and accident- reconstruction activities defined by the legislation of the republic of Armenia

h) Creating fire departments

i) Within its jurisdiction developing action plans for prevention of emergency situations, reduction of their possible consequences and their elimination, civil defence and protection of population in emergency situations

j) Together with other state bodies participating in development of ecological conceptions connected with emergency situations

k) Participating in creating civil defence reserves and promoting their purposeful useage

l) Providing fire protection and firefighting services to different organizations.