Recruitments in MES 10:12 / 14.05.2014

Today, by decree of the Minister of Emergency Situations of RA Armen Yeritsyan, had been performed a series of new appointments in special rescue operations management center of R/S rescue forces department, as well as in the fire-rescue detachments of Hrazdan, Ashtarak and Goris. Minister of Emergency Situations A. Yeritsyan, personally meets and conducts interviews with citizens, who have applied to work in the Ministry.  

Armenian-American cooperation continues 08:38 / 13.05.2014

From May 6-8, at Garni Geophysical Observatory of Survey for Seismic Protection of the MoES of the RA, the specialists from SSP and experts arrived from USA Albuquerque seismological laboratory, conducted a joint work on improving the operations and maintenance of the seismic station “IRIS-Garni” installed in the observatory.  After having finished the project, the American colleagues got acquainted with the large–scale reconstruction work, carried out in “Garni” scientific center,...

Unified and effective management of anti-hail stations 14:45 / 12.05.2014

By № 888 A decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, on June 2nd, 2013, the RA Ministry of Emergency Situations has been allocated funds to install 80 new anti-hail stations and create a unified anti-hail stations management system. To control 123 stations from 136 of “Zenit” stations, which were the property of the regional, individual or legal entities, agreements were made with the SNCO “SAIAP” of the MoES. It is noteworthy, that all 45 stations located in...

Anti-hail stations in action 11:50 / 12.05.2014

On May 12, a regular weekly consultation was held at the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA, chaired by Minister Armen Yeritsyan. The deputy director of RS, r/s major- general V. Gabrielyan reported about the emergency accidents registered and the implemented events during the week. The director of “Service of Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena” SNCO A. Karapetyan reported to the Minister of Emergency Situations of the results of the shots done recently in the...

Earthquake in Iran 12:18 / 08.05.2014

On May 8, at 12:44, the Armenian National Seismic Protection Service released an information, according to which, at 12:30 local time, a magnitude- 3.8 earthquake struck in the Islamic Republic of Iran, 22km west from city Ahar. The tremor measured magnitude 5-6 at the epicenter area. The geographical coordinates of the epicenter are north width 38.45օ and east length 46.88օ. The hypocenter of the seismic activity was 10 kilometers beneath the surface. The earthquake...

Recruitments in MoES 14:12 / 07.05.2014

Today, by decree of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the RA Armen Yeritsyan, had been performed a series of new appointments in Malatia-Sebastia, Arabkir and Kentron sections of R/S Yerevan department, as well as in fire-rescue detachments of Vayk and Gugark.