Minister of ES Armen Pambukhchyan paid a working visit to Ararat Province: Vedi fire-rescue detachment was replenished with “Ural-5557” vehicle

17:34 / 21.06.2022

Vedi fire-rescue detachment of Ararat Regional Rescue Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations was replenished with “Ural-5557” fire-rescue truck. Armen Pambukhchyan, Minister of ES, Armen Gasparyan, Director of the Rescue Service, Garik Sargsyan, Head of Vedi community, Arsen Ghukasyan, Head of the Regional Rescue Department, as well as the detachment staff participated in the handover ceremony.

“It is no accident that “Ural-5557” was first transferred to Vedi, as, in parallel with the warming, the province is at risk from the point of view of the possibility of fire. Our choice was conditioned also by the fact of maximizing the security of Khosrov Forest State Reserve. This fire-rescue truck is designed to work in difficult terrain. It will make the work of FRD staff considerably easier.”- mentioned Minister of ES Armen Pambukhchyan.

In his turn, Paruyr Sahakyan noted that the vehicle was too necessary for the detachment and thanked MES leadership for that important replenishment.

During the regional visit Minister of ES Armen Pambukhchyan also visited the complex of Ararat Regional Rescue Department and fire-rescue detachments of Masis, Artashat and Ararat.

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