The results of the activities implemented in April were summed up in MES

15:45 / 10.05.2022

Today on May 10, a monthly advisory meeting was held, which was chaired by Minister of ES Armen Pambukhchyan.
Minister introduced the newly appointed First Deputy Minister Artyush Grigoryan to the staff of MES.

The subdivisions and SNCOs of the Department summed up the activities implemented in April. Secretary general L. Mirzakhanyan, Director of the Rescue Service Armen Gasparyan, Director of “Regional Survey for Seismic Protection” SNCO S. Margaryan, Director of “National center of Technical Safety” SNCO V. Gevorgyan, Rector of Crisis Management State Academy H. Matevosyan presented reports.

According to the report of the Director of “Regional Survey for Seismic Protection” SNCO data of 116 earthquakes were completed in the reported period, the strongest of which occurred on April 8, at the border zone Iran-Turkey, 39 km northwest from the city of Salmas, with 4.2 magnitude.

Looking ahead to summer, Minister of Emergency Situations assigned the "National Center for Technical Security" SNCO to be extremely cautious when inspecting carousels and other attractions in entertainment centers.

Minister Armen Pambukhchyan gave some other assignments.

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