An exercise was held at basic school N194

14:49 / 01.04.2022

The assessment process of the theoretical and practical knowledge of employees of population and civil defense systems, different structures in emergency situations continues.

 practical exercise on “Organizing the defense of schoolchildren and staff in case of an enemy attack” was held at basic school N194 in Erebuni administrative district, with the participation of corresponding specialists from Yerevan Rescue department.

The special tactical training aimed at testing the use of theoretical and practical knowledge of the management staff, employees, and civil defense formations in similar situations.

The operation of the defense structures, organization of shelter after air raid alarm, as well as energy supply, water supply, connection line and warning systems was checked.

The process was carried out in the following sequence: warning, shelter, general reconnaissance, implementation of fire-extinguishing and search and rescue activities.

The results were summed up at the end of the training.

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