The staff of the MES sums up November

15:40 / 08.12.2021

Today, on December 8, monthly consultation meeting was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations: the activities implemented by the subdivisions of the staff during the month of November were summed up.

Secretary General of the MES Lilit Mirzakhanyan touched upon the activities of both civilian subdivisions and SNCOs in her report. In addition to other current issues, “The National Center of Technical Security” SNCO was mentioned to have signed 229 agreements on implementing expertise, 1149 IHD (Industrial hazardous facilities) were provided with expertize conclusion. The issue of training the specialists of SNCO was in the center of attention: about 54 technical protection specialists were trained in the educational center.

English language courses organized by the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Armenia for the staff of the MES have restarted.

The rector of the “Crisis Management State Academy” Hamlet Matevosyan, Head of the Division of Financial and Economic Department Armenuhi Mkoyan, acting head of the legal department Manik Santrosyan presented reports.

H. Matevosyan informed about the activities implemented in the academy and about the courses on “Disaster risk management, capacity building of planning strategy”, “Crisis Management”, “Disaster psychology”, “Human Resource Management”, “Civil protection issues” for the civil servicemen.

UAVs were tested in closed areas. They are planned to be used for initial study in case of fires in high-rise buildings. The transformation of UVAs to robots and the application of different devices is continuing in the academy.

Minister Piloyan summarized the activities implemented with the Armenian side in the scope of the three-day visit of the Russian delegation led by the first deputy minister of the EMERCOM of the RF Nikolay Grechushkin.

The heads of the subdivisions were given appropriate assignments.

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