Session of the Board of the MES was held

17:00 / 12.02.2021

Today, on February 12, the session of the board of the MES dedicated to the summarization of the results of the activities of the Ministry of Emergency Situations for 2020 was held. It started with a minute of silence to pay tribute to the victims of war.

Vahagn Ohanyan, the Secretary General of the MES, Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s Major General, the Director of the Rescue Service, Hamlet Matevosyan, r/s Major General, the Rector of the Crisis Management State Academy, Areg Khachatryan, the Acting Head of the State Reserve Agency, Vardan Gevorgyan, the Director of the "National Center for Technical Security" SNCO, Sos Margaryan, the Director of the "Territorial Seismic Protection Service" SNCO and Pavel Gyozalyan, the Co-director of the Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center made the speeches.

According to the speech of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, as a result of the activities of 2020, about 192 million drams were returned to the state budget of RA by the end of the year, and about 131.3 million drams were paid to the citizens connected to the Ministry of Emergency Situations during hostilities. 2021-2023 mid-term expenditure programs and annual summary application development activities of the budget financing for 2021 were planned, organized, implemented and summarized by the Ministry and SNCOs.

More than one and a half million calls were registered at the 911 call center of Crisis Management National Center and the Crisis Management Centers of Regional Rescue Departments. The number of emergency calls was more than 15 thousand. Consistent activities were implemented to prevent emergency situations during the reporting period. 45 special tactical exercises, 4 fire protection exercises, 8 practical exercises and 9 courses were conducted for the operative tactical preparation of the population protection system.

More than 2600 rescuers, about 3000 civilians took part in the training and advanced training at the Crisis Management State Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The training on the security of working in the war zone was organized for the journalists during the days of the Second Artsakh War.

Vrezh Gabrielyan, the Director of the Rescue Service, emphasized that the imperative of the day was the effective management of emergency risks and operative response to cases. The Rescue Service of the MES plans to implement rescue and firefighting operations on the border and high mountain communities, to ensure the security of objects of strategic importance for the protection of the population and infrastructures by the bases of the civil defense, to increase the level of effectiveness of the planning and control mechanisms of the governance bodies and organizations of civil defense field, as well as the level of disaster resilience of the communities in 2021.

The Minister expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the system for their selfless humanitarian activities. Andranik Piloyan highly assessed the activity of the employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and rescuers in 2020, separated the activities of this year, demanding to continue with the same devotion and responsibility. The Minister presented incentive awards to the winners of the various nominations of the annual "Constellation of Courage" award on Human Security and Salvation at the end of the session. The ES Minister also presented awards to a number of rescuers. 

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