Dear compatriots, comrades-in-arms

13:50 / 28.01.2021

Dear compatriots, comrades-in-arms,

Today, more than ever, we must express our unwavering confidence in the force of people: the army.

The 44-day war showed that all armenians, inside the country or abroad, are by the side of the army, and through that faith the armenian soldier did his best in an unequal struggle.

I bow to the graves of our martyrs and express my support to their relatives.

I am convinced that our army will straighten its back, reevaluating the past and continuing to bear his honorable responsibility, because, first of all, the present and the future of the state and the people depend on the armenian army.

I assure you that the Ministry of Emergency Situations is behind the army and it will support all of the army-building undertakings. 

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