Message by Andranik Piloyan

18:00 / 21.11.2020

I have assumed the post of Minister of Emergency Situations at this difficult, fateful moment for our country proceeding exclusively from the desire to serve the homeland and strengthen it. Of course, it is dozens of times easier to shoulder this heavy burden, but if everyone is guided by the principle of avoiding responsibility, then our beloved homeland will eventually be on the verge of collapse. Being an officer who has been at the root of army building from the very first day, I have done my best to strengthen and develop our armed forces in the positions entrusted to me. I have never belonged to any political force and have never been guided by political interests. Even now the interest of the homeland is an absolute value for me.

I call on the Armenian people to unite, regardless of their political orientation and do not underestimate the merits of many worthy people. 

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