Admission to the Master's Degree Program in CMSA continues, on ''Crisis Law" as well

16:18 / 10.09.2020

The Minister of Emergency Situations at the suggestion of the Crisis Management State Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA applied to the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports with a request to obtain permission to train specialists in the field of "Crisis Law" in Master's degree program at CMSA. The permission has already been given: one more specialty was added to the Master's degree program of the CMSA. Since 2007, the Academy has been implementing Master's degree program on three specialties: ''Management (Crisis Management)'', ''Security in Emergency Situations (Rescue operations) and ''Psychology''.

The academic programs are extramural and for two years. The term of the "Crisis Law" is 1.5 years and full-time. The classes will be organized in the afternoons so that working professionals have the opportunity simultaneously to study and work.

According to the CMSA management, the need for the "Crisis Law" specialty is conditioned by the legal regulation of crisis prediction, prevention and elimination of consequences in case of their occurrence. Crisis law is a new sphere for Armenia. It has already been established in other countries and includes various spheres of state, state administration, local self-government bodies, organizations, citizens, as well as private-state relations.

The CMSA continues admission for 2020-2021 academic year in Master's degree program, as well as on the ''Crisis Law".

For more information contact us via (060) 69 10 00 (203 or 208).

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