ES Minister made David's dream come true

16:00 / 24.08.2020

From dream to reality. 17 years-old David Amirshatyan lives in Etchmiatsin town and studies at Yerevan Special Educational Complex for Children with Hearing Disorders.

One day he talked about his childhood dream: to get acquainted with the daily life of rescuers. One of the friends turned this story into a letter and addressed it to Feliks Tsolakyan, the Minister of Emergency Situations.

By the assignment of the Minister, a study tour was organized for David in the Fire and Rescue Squad number eight of the Yerevan Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA.

The rescuers introduced the boy their routine. David was involved in a conventional firefighting for a few minutes.

The young man received a MES uniform as a gift from Minister Tsolakyan and expressed a wish to transfer his impressions of the day to the canvas.

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