Rescuers used rubber boats and more than a dozen fire trucks in Gyumri

20:30 / 13.07.2020

Today, unprecedented heavy rain and hail lasted for a few hours have created a state of emergency in Gyumri town. At 15:00 an emergency call was received to Shirak Regional Rescue Department of the Rescue Service of the MES of RA that water flooded a number of blocks and streets in Gyumri town, the cars were immersed into the water on Teryan-Akhuryan highway.

Additional forces and means from the Fire and Rescue Squads of Artik, Ani, Amasia and Akhuryan to evacuate people and cars. The rescuers used the rubber boats. 13 fire trucks were put into operation. The activities were led at the scene by Aleksan Gyozalyan, the Head of Shirak Regional Rescue Department of the MES of RA alongside with Gyumri municipality and the Police. 

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