Feliks Tsolakyan held an operative consultation

17:08 / 29.06.2020

On June 29 Minister of Emergency Situations Feliks Tsolakyan held remote consultation with the senior staff and the Heads of the Structural and Regional Subdivisions of the Rescue Service. The Minister assigned to strictly follow the instructions of the Commandant’s office highlighting the complex measures to prevent coronavirus.

According to the report of Karen Atoyan, the Head of the Medical Care Provision Department the number of patients has been kept as low as possible in the system as a result of maintenance of the preventive activities and rules from the very first day of the epidemic: there are 8 patients.

There were 54 patients, 51 isolated և 292 self-isolated during the epidemic.

According to the Minister, the trends in the fire situation risk are noticeable. Minister assigned to take a prudent approach, to avoid the trap and implement the firefighting activity with an intelligent self-control in order to avoid the irreversible consequences. In this regard, the cooperation with other relevant supporting bodies is extremely important. Taking into account the willingness of our citizens, Feliks Tsokalyan assigned to create volunteer groups and submit a proposal to the Government to provide them with social guarantees.

According to Minister Tsolakyan we have no right to make mistakes, because it could cost lives. He assigned to be vigilant, careful, to engage in self-development daily, to implement the activity with dedication and, most importantly, to avoid getting ill.

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