MES urges

17:35 / 13.06.2020








Dear citizens,

there is an epidemic of coronavirus in the Republic of Armenia;

  • we encourage you to wear face masks and take it off only while eating,
  • face mask needs to cover both the nose and mouth,
  • disinfect your hands regularly and do not touch your face with none disinfected hands,
  • maintain 1.5 meters of social distancing and avoid contacting without a face mask with people not in your household.

Dear citizens,

wear masks and save hundreds of lives by joining our big rescue family.

Masks must be changed every three or four hours.

You can use not only factory-made, but also ones made on your own.

Dear citizens,

we express our gratitude to the compatriots who maintain anti-pandemic rules or, even if they have not maintained it before, will start doing it after hearing of this call.

However, in case of any emergency, remember the rescue number - 911.

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