Crisis Management National Center of RS of MES summarizes the previous week: there were 12 deaths, 282 cases in total, 205 of which were emergent

12:00 / 30.03.2020

On March 23-29, in total 282 cases were registered in the National Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service of MES of RA, 205 of which were emergent, including 141 cases of fire, one landslide, two cases of collapse, one explosion, 46 road traffic accidents, one accident on the railways, five suicide attempts, as well as 57 household calls. As a result there were 68 casualties and one citizen was rescued due to the operative rescue activities.

Unfortunately, 12 cases of death were registered during the last week. Seven cases of poisoning were registered as well: as a result there were 15 casualties.

Seven cases of transport means blockage because of weather conditions and other factors were registered. The rescuers rendered assistance to 13 citizens and removed eight means of transport blocked on the roadways to safe areas.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Armenia urges to be as vigilant as possible and preserve elementary safety rules both in everyday life and on roads.
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