Operative group was held recurrent session

11:30 / 24.03.2020

Operative group for the fight against coronavirus led by Armen Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of ES created by the order of the Minister of ES held recurrent session. A number of issues related to implemented activities from necessary preventive measures to organizing disinfection in conditions of emergency situation by all Departments of the Ministry were discussed during the meeting. Rescue Service Departments were provided with masks and gloves. The premises and equipment of the Fire and Rescue Squads were periodically disinfected. According to the report of Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s Major-General, Director of the Rescue Service, Deputy Head of the Operative group all Department of the Service are ready to implement their tasks, as well as to support the public and state bodies, if necessary. On March 16-22, 233 emergency calls on coronavirus were received to Crisis Management National Center of the RS. The specialists rendered an individual approach to each call and provided relevant consultation. Psychological Assistance Division is on duty by 24-hour schedule.

Armen Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of ES gave assignments to the participants of the session and urged to spare no effort to organize and implement properly listed activities to prevent the spread of the epidemic in the Republic. Ministry of Emergency Situations cooperates closely with all institutions. 

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