March 23 was celebrated as a Professional Day of Meteorologists

16:05 / 23.03.2020

Since 1950, March 23 was observed as World Meteorological Day. That day has started the activity of the World Meteorological Organization. The organization has 193 member states. Armenia joined those countries in 1992 and March 23 was celebrated in the country as a Professional Day of Meteorologists by the decision of Government of RA in 2004.

Every year the the Executive Council of the World Meteorological Organization states a theme of the year. The theme of this year is “Climate and Water”.

Global hydrological phenomena in the form of floods and droughts, as well as possible conflicts in water use were the most serious challenges and threats facing our planet which was especially important in the context of global climate change. Water resource forecasting monitoring and management system urgently needed to improve and to solve the problem of water excess, shortage or pollution.

World Meteorology Day was observed to inform public about activities of WMO and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. The aim of the above activities was to warn about dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena and the possible consequences of climate change: today's rapid climate change was a difficult issue facing humanity.

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