ES Ministry Departments were in a high level of readiness in the fight against Coronavirus (Covid 19)

10:46 / 18.03.2020

Operative group of the fight against coronavirus led by Armen Harutyunyan, Deputy Minister of ES created by the order of the Minister of ES was held the first session. Degree of readiness of the Regional and Structural Departments of MES and cooperation with other state departments in condition of emergency situation were discussed.

According to the report of Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Rescue Service, Deputy of the Head of the Operative Group, all the Departments of the Service were attained a high level of readiness, were ready to implement their tasks with rapid response groups and support the public and other state bodies, if necessary. The above mentioned Departments implemented specially enhanced service.

Armen Harutyunyan, Head of the Operative Group addressing the participants urged to implement the activity more effectively with other Ministries, cooperatively to carry out all tasks in accordance with requirements of emergency situation. He, recalling the humanitarian nature of the Ministry, highlighted the importance of the need for implementing explanatory activity with the public, giving clear instructions, warning of risks in this situation.

Armen Harutyunyan transferred the assignment of the Minister of ES at the end of the session: to carry out activity in the conditions of round the clock availability and implement additional functions, if necessary.

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