Cooperation for prevention

17:10 / 17.03.2020

Ministry of Emergency Situations received still not disturbing, but a large number of emergency calls in the period of detection of coronavirus in Armenia.

On March 17 the meeting-discussion was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA in the framework of ES Ministry and Health Ministry to provide citizens with the maximum useful advice and preventive assistance.

Lusine Paronyan, Specialist of the Disease Control and Prevention Department of the Health Ministry, Doctor-Epidemiologist was hosted in the Ministry. The Crisis Management National Center and Health Care Department employees were participated in the meeting. The representatives of the Regional Rescue Department was following the discussion and asked the concern questions to the epidemiologist via video call. The aim of the meeting was to give 911 service staff more detailed information on prevention methods of coronavirus to provide more accessible and literate information to the population.

Possible preventive measures for rescuers at the scene were discussed.

Lusine Paronyan informed that there was a 24 hours a day hot line consultation to the citizens. You are able to call 80-03 and 060-83-83-00 hot line numbers for professional consultation. We can also maintain that there is a professional online platform where is possible to find all information about coronavirus.

Speaker advised to direct the citizens to the local polyclinic in case of epidemic symptoms. Representative of HM said that the one of the best methods of virus prevention was limited social circle.

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