Special consultation in the Rescue Service

17:12 / 15.03.2020

On March 15, 2020 consultation dedicated to the organization of coronavirus preventive measures was held by the Director of the Rescue Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA.

Deputies Director of the Rescue Service and Heads of Structural Departments participated in consultation.

Implementation of the assignments of the Prime Minister and Minister of Emergency Situations was discussed and identified the priorities for the solution of urgent issues by Structural and Regional Departments.

The issues of allocation of special equipment involved in quarantine and preventive measures and decontamination were discussed.

During the consultation double instruction was assigned to implement with staff of 911 service duty medical and psychological assistance for implementing more effective and operative activities with the population. It was assigned to provide the necessary advice to the population and, if necessary, direct them to specialized medical centers.

Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service were assigned to discuss and implement the "Regional (Yerevan) Action Plan in case of Epidemic situation'' stated by the Director of the Rescue Service of MES based on ''Emergency situations response plan caused by the case/ cases of Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in the country'' by the order of the Prime Minister of RA during the special sessions of Emergency Situations Standing Committees in Yerevan and Regions.

Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments and special fire and rescue squad of Armenian Nuclear Power Plant were assigned to create special decontamination groups of 5-10 rescuers in addition to already operating 5 specialized radiation, chemical and biological monitoring groups in their Departments.

To establish strict control to the staff health condition and the maintenance of hygiene norms in all fire and rescue squads was also assigned.

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