Recurrent session of the operative headquarter was convened in ES Ministry

19:27 / 13.03.2020

On March 13 the recurrent session of the operative headquarter created on July 16, 2019 by the decision of RA Prime Minister was convened in ES Ministry. The session and working group was led by Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of ES. Minister presented the worrisome fire risk situation in the Republic, maintained the reasons and suggested a solution. “All departments should work jointly, daily routine and work collaboratively to prevent. The seriousness of the situation also makes us to apply punishments. All local government and public administration bodies should exercise maximum vigilance, the law enforcement system must strictly apply the punishments provided by law to avoid irreversible damage in our country with scarce forests”, - said Feliks Tsolakyan.

Water resource scarcity serious problems were arose during firefighting activities both in urban and rural settlements. There were few hydrants, inoperative hydrants, and not compatible hydrants with capabilities of technical vehicles for various technical reasons in the town.

Fire extinguishing in high-rise buildings was also problematic because firefighting systems haven’t been created or operated in time. These systems were not connected to the water pipes in many cases. The working group suggested applying punishments or increase the level of punishments, to make fire systems available as a mandatory norm in the technical condition of the newly constructed high-rise buildings as a solution for these and many other problems. All the participants agreed that it was necessary to consider the problems, to direct them to responsible structures and use the coercive power of the state if needed.

Examination of residents' applications of landslides in Sari Tagh, Yerevan and Vazashen and Nerkin Tsaghkavan communities in Tavush Province was included in the session agenda. It was decided to suggest the Government to solve urgently the issues raised for the fourth degree emergency houses in the above mentioned territories. Corresponding suggestion will be submitted to the Government after further studies in other cases of other damage.

Minister Tsolakyan presented exemplary response plan for forests and specially protected areas signed by him at the end of the session.

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