Preventive Discussion at MES

18:03 / 13.03.2020

On March 13 the meeting was held with participation of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development of RA, Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body, Urban Development, Technical Standards and Fire Safety Inspectorate, representatives of Fire and Technical Safety Investigation Department of MES and the Rescue Service in ES Ministry. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the fire risk situation in the Republic, to examine and find out the reasons, as a summary to find ways out of the situation and necessary mechanisms to prevent such problems in the future.

Ashot Mkrtchyan, Head of the Fire and Technical Safety Investigation Department of MES informed the members of the round table that there were an unprecedented number of fires in the country in the last days and added that many of them caused by human factor. “Spring agricultural season has begun and the residents of rural areas burn the dry grass or garbage for cleaning their gardens and grass areas, as a result of this careless step the spread of uncontrolled fire occurs and it becomes causes of the serious problems and various material damages, especially in the forests. Dear citizens, it is illegal to burn the grasses, remains from stubble fields”,- said he. Ashot Mkrtchyan suggested consolidated to reach a consensus and implement preventive measures in order to our inhabitants of the village unwittingly didn’t become a guilty and not punished according to the law. Consequently, the heartfelt and purposeful activity by each of State bodies concerned was so important.

Gegham Shakhbazyan, Head of Urban Development, Technical Standards and Fire Safety Inspectorate highlighted the importance of such meetings, especially, in a point of view of informing. He addressing the media asked for support to disseminate information and maximize awareness of the population.

Mikael Santosyan, Representative of Nature Protection and Soil Inspection Body also highlighted the idea of implementation of activity of all departments bodies concerned jointly and said that a number of the fires in forests were increased and there was a need of more effective awareness methods for makes the population serious.

Armen Gevorgyan, r/s Colonel, Head of Crisis Management National Center talk about increasing of fires and noticed that on March 11, 20 emergency calls of fire cases were received to CMNC at the same time and the fire and rescue squads dispatched from one scene to another without return. Armen Gevorgyan added that even a single cigarette thrown by citizens can cause a major fire even three hours after throwing. Colonel suggested creating water recourses in all grass areas and forests and organizing reaping of grass.

The participants agreed to create working groups in all territories of the Republic by the suggestion of Ashot Mkrtchyan at the end of the meeting.


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