The first competition by new standards in MES

17:55 / 12.03.2020

On March 10 the first competition announced for the vacant position of the Civil Service evaluated and classified according to new standards was held in the conference hall of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RA. According to the Article 10 on RA Law of “Civil Service” the competition was held in 2 phases: by testing and interview.

On March 12, 2 participants passed the testing phase. They participated in the interview of the competition of vacancies for Chief Specialists of Civil Service in the Procurement Organization Division of the Buildings, Constructions Maintenance and Economic Department of MES. Armine Galustyan and Anahit Yeghiazaryan were recognized as winners as a result of the competition.

According to Vahagn Ohanyan, Secretary General of MES we are transitioning to a worthy Civil Service by the reforms to new standards of Civil Defense.

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