EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement roadmap discussion in ES Ministry

16:55 / 10.03.2020

On March 10 the special session of Public Council to ES Minister was convened to discuss the roadmap to implement measures of document in the framework of EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement: ES Ministry presented suggestions.

Minister Tsolakyan welcomed the guests and highlighted the partnership of Armenia with EU countries, as well as said that the latter had considerable experience, great scientific potential and can significantly contribute to our country through experience exchange.

It was recommended to identify the actions of Armenia with the EU, which had approved procedures.

The essence of the roadmap, the suggestions of the Ministry were presented by the representatives of ES Ministry and an active discussion was developed.

According to Minister Tsolakyan non-governmental organizations, as well as individual experts may be involved in these actions and improve the quality of implementing activity by their advice and suggestions.

Presentation and circulation of the suggestions of Public Council member within ten days was agreed at the end of the meeting. The complete document based on the latter will be submitted to the Government of RA.

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