MES urges to the citizens to be careful and vigilant

17:05 / 05.03.2020

On March 8 and 9 the air temperature will gradually go up by 3-4 degrees with regard to penetrating warm air currents from the southwest, as a result daily average air temperature will be above the climate norm by 8-10 degrees (reaching up to 24 degrees).

ES Ministry urges strict observance of fire safety rules, especially it is prohibited to burn accumulated garbage and dry grass without control while implementing spring and agricultural activities.

Infringement of rules can lead to unpredictable consequences.

“It's prohibited to burn eddish, the areas of the plant residues and dried vegetation, vegetation of pastures and grasslands in the field of agriculture, forest and the territory of a forest, specially protected natural areas It is also prohibited to burn household and industrial waste, as well as waste caused by a leaf fall in the natural environment, settlements, in their territory and boilers not intended for combustion, in ovens and other devices” according to RA Law on “Atmospheric air protection” (Article 21).

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