Rescue Service is evaluated by citizens

14:50 / 17.01.2020

On January 17 the recurrent consultation of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Service.

Heads of various subdivisions, Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the implemented activities and issues raised during the service.

Director of the Service noted that structural changes were finished in the Rescue Service, replacements have been made.

V. Gabrielyan represented the division between the Director and the two Deputy Directors of the service according to structural subdivisions and coordination of the activity directions.

Director of the Service mentioned that they had received letters and phone calls about the kind and humane attitude of the rescuers and highlighted that the rating among the population was the most important.

A number of assignments were given connected with the organization of the issues on the training of the staff in the Crisis Management State Academy.

The summary of the results of the 2019 activities of the structural and regional subdivisions have started in the Rescue Service. Assignments were given connected with this, too.

V. Gabrielyan expressed his gratitude to the staff of the Service for taking part in the donation organized for the surgery of the child of the worker of Ararat Regional Rescue Department.

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