Rescue Service passes to strengthened service

16:00 / 27.12.2019

On December 27 consultation of the Rescue Service was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RA. The consultation was led by ES Minister Feliks Tsolakyan.

Minister expressed his gratitude to the whole staff of the Rescue Service for devoted and hard work implemented during the year and highlighted that the year was full of emergency cases and fires.

Feliks Tsolakyan congratulated rescuers on the coming New Year and wished health, peace and less emergency cases and accidents.

Minister noted that a complex situation was arisen in Lori and Tavush Provinces on the latest days connected with the activation of the fires. Glory and honor to those rescuers, who could stabilize the situation and prevent the spreading of the fires.

Minister assigned to organize the duty being implemented during holidays on a high level.

Afterwards Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Rescue Service continued the consultation and passed on the working part.

Heads of various subdivisions, Yerevan and Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the issues raised during the service and existing problems.

Heads of the Regional Rescue Departments gave reports on the resources involved in firefighting activities and the existing fires in their areas.

Deputy Head of Yerevan Rescue Department reported the Director that at that moment studies on anti-fire safety measures are being implemented in those leisure areas of Yerevan where there is a large crowd of people. Inspections had already been completed in 57 such objects out of 68.

Director of the Rescue Service was also reported that 326 hydrates out of the existing 1700 were operating in Yerevan, with the help of which firefighting activities would be possible to carry out.

Deputy Head of Yerevan Rescue Department reported that on holidays from December 21 to January 13 patrolling is being implemented in the Republic Square. On December 21 and on 31 four fire units implement patrolling in the square, on the other days 1 fire unit does.

On behalf of ES Minister Feliks Tsolakyan, Vrezh Gabrielyan expressed gratitude to the Armenian-Russian Humanitarian Response Center for organizing aerial reconnaissance and noted that it was very helpful in the organization of firefighting activities of the fire caught on the slope of “Gumbut” mountain of Shnogh village of Lori Province.

Referring to the strengthened service during the holidays Director of the Rescue Service noted that sudden inspections might be possible in order to check the combat readiness of the officers.

Vrezh Gabrielyan assigned Heads of all the Regional subdivisions to implement summarization of the activities implemented during 2019.

Director of the Rescue Service thanked everyone for the joint activity during 2019, congratulated on holidays and noted the most important principle: live to make people live.

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