Fire situation in Armenia: press conference of the Director of the Rescue Service

15:33 / 25.12.2019

On December 25 Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Rescue Service of MES convened a press conference, the main aim of which was the clarification of the fire situation existing in the RA.

Director of the Rescue Service represented the fire background with statistics and comparative analysis registered in the Republic in 2019.

By December 24 of 2019, 12595 emergency calls about fires have been registered in the Republic, in 10116 cases fires have been registered by the Rescue Service.

In comparison 6542 cases of fire were registered in the same period of 2018, it means unprecedented 54.6% increase in the number of fires have been registered in 2019, in other words there were 3574 more fires than last year.

Overall, the number of the fires registered in the reporting period (10116) was the highest in the statistics observed since 2003.

As a result of the fires there were 6 victims and 63 casualties in the reporting period (8 victims and 25 casualties in 2018). 5 people were rescued by the subdivisions of the Rescue Service.

10.2% of the fires (1036 cases) originated in residential buildings (13.4% in 2018, 875 cases), about 6.6% (672 cases) in private houses and residential buildings (8.3% in 2018, 545 cases).

As in previous years, this year as well most of the fires were in vegetated areas, which formed about 64.6% of the overall number of fires.

57 cases of fire have been registered in the forests of the Republic (21 cases in 2018), 15 of which in August, (9 in Syunik, 4 in Vayots Dzor, 2 in Tavush Provinces), 10 in November (5 in Tavush, 3 in Lori, 1 in Aragatsotn and 1 in Gegharkunik Provinces), 8 in October (7 in Tavush and 1 in Lori Provinces), 6 in February (5 in Lori and Tavush Provinces), 5 in January (4 in Lori and 1 in Tavush) and 8 in December (5 in Lori and 3 in Tavush), 3 in September (1 in Lori, 1 in Syunik and 1 in Vayots Dzor), 1 in April (in Gegharkunik) and 1 in July (in Syunik) months.

The analysis carried out according to the months shows that compared with 2018 increase of fires have been registered in all the months (the only exception was September) and June (1701), July (2098) and August (2026) showed the most prominent indices, when compared with 2018 the indices have increased by 1231 (about 3.6 times), 621 (42%) and 80 (73.8) respectively.

40.3% (4064 cases) of the fires registered in the reporting period of 2019 have been registered in the capital (in 2018-39%, 2552 cases).

The highest index was registered in Kotayk Province (1421 cases), where, compared with 2018, the number of fires has increased by 2.2%. In general, compared with 2018 tendency of growth was mainly recorded in the Provinces.

In the reporting period 16084 exits have been made by the subdivisions of the Rescue Service of MES for the calls of fire, 1267 of which were fake calls, 1621 were on the threat of fire and 13175 were cases of fire.

On December 1-24, 2019 301 cases of fire were registered, which has grown by 157 (2.1 times) compared with the same period of 2018.

29.9 % of the registered fires were in vegetated areas, as a result 2086.6 ha were burnt (50.3 ha in 2018). In the mentioned period 8 cases of forest fires were registered.

General-Major Vrezh Gabrielyan noted that as a result of global warming growth in the number of the fires in forests and vegetations are being registered, at the same time statistic data proves that 96% of the fires were conditioned by human factors. Vrezh Gabrielyan mentioned that rescuers fought against fires in a number of vegetations and forests at that moment.

Director of the Rescue Service called the population strictly preserve fire safety rules taking into consideration the fact that the temperature was higher by 5-7 degree from the climate norm.

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