Interdepartmental Seminar on Civil Defense Issues

19:40 / 24.12.2019

On December 24 the seminar of Heads of the Civil Defense Headquarters and the members of the Republican Evacuation Commission on “Results of Civil Defense Activities in 2019 and 2020 issues” was held in MES.

The seminar was attended by responsible civil bodies in legislative, executive, judicial authorities, subject to the Government and the Prime Minister, as well as staff of the autonomous bodies provided by the Constitution and other bodies established by law.

Feliks Tsolakyan, the Minister of Emergency Situations welcomed and delivered an opening speech to the participants of the seminar.

Minister noted that an interdepartmental working group had been created by the decision of the Government and focuses on the activities of inventorying of civil defense structures and phased increasing of their fund.

According to Feliks Tsolakyan, the leadership of the Republic emphasizes the importance of civil defense functions and especially the issues are related to the life, health and safety of people, stressed the importance of shelters, the need for inventory and continuous improvement.

Seminar participants delivered speeches on demographic situation, action planning and implementation in Emergency Situation, ANPP seismic safety and civil protection strategic Issues, the specifics of CD management, communication system activities, as well as improvement of the normative legal system.

The speakers touched upon the results of the activates in the fields of population protection and civil defense by the CD responsible for public administration bodies in 2019, the results of the complex assessment of the state of civil defense, mentioned the achievements and the issues still present.

At the end of the seminar, there were extensive discussions on the issues of civil defense, after which Vrezh Gabirelyan, r/s major-general, the Director of the Rescue Service in his final speech touched upon the results of the activities of Civil Defense system in 2019, highlighted the main issues of 2020, as well as summarized the results of the discussions and seminar.

At the end of the event, 15 bodies in the civil defense sector, as well as government bodies actively involved in the organization and implementation of civil defense events were awarded certificates by decree № 1423-A on December 23, 2019 of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

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