Methodical and practical support towards the civil defense of Yerevan city

16:25 / 16.12.2019

On December 10-13 a meeting-discussion with the civil defense working group established by the order of ES Minister and the civil defense executive staff of the administrative regions of Yerevan was held at the First Deputy Mayor of Yerevan Hrachya Sargsyan’s place. The aim and the agenda of the visit of the working group were represented at the meeting.

For preparing Civil Defense systems and population protection of Yerevan city, envisaged by the plan of the main operations of 2019, for the aim of rendering practical support the working group was in administrative regions of Yerevan city, where the existing documents were studied and the ways of their clarification and adjustment were discussed at the meetings held with the heads of the divisions of mobilization training and evacuation committees, as well as the staffs of administrative regions.

MES working group rendered methodical and practical support particularly towards civil defense, transfer from peace to war period, evacuation plans, increasing the stability of the activities of evacuation bodies and committees, study, development and adjustment of other documents regulating the civil defense field, preservation, construction and planning of protective structures.

Besides the events envisaged by the agenda expansion of CD management system, new legislative initiatives towards clarifying the obligations and rights, relations between private economy and civil society and community from the CD point of view, similar contacts, as well as the legal field already in use and the necessity to make changes in them were discussed.

The events were positively assessed and the ways of joint discussion and solution of the existing problems for the relevant specialists of both MES and Yerevan Municipality were highlighted.

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