In the process of increasing the sustainability of the population, the Ministry of Emergency Situations applies the experience of the EU

19:00 / 09.12.2019

On December 9, RA Minister of Emergency Situations Felix Tsolakyan received Peter Glumer, Team Leader of the EU "Prevention, preparation and response to Eastern partnership disasters" (PPRD East - 3) project and expert George Carassen.

The purpose of the meeting was to summarize and evaluate the results of the PPRD East-2 phase and discuss the directions for further cooperation.

Greeting the guests, the Minister of Emergency Situations thanked for the opportunity to discuss the preparations for the PPRD East-3 program, highlighting the program and the great work done during the previous stages.
During the second phase only 92 local and regional events were organized, with about 300 participants from Armenia participating, including the MOLDEX training. Interdepartmental working groups have been established and documents developed.

In his speech, Felix Tsolakyan spoke about the possibilities of expanding cooperation with the European Union in the field of emergency situations in Armenia within the framework of the PPRD East-2 program and applying the EU experience in the field of population protection, sustainability levels and disaster risk reduction. As an important mechanism for building resilience, the Minister stressed the need for voluntary rescue forces and loss of disaster data using EU experience.

New directions of PPRD East-3 program implementation were discussed: hydrogeological management (landslide, mudflow, rockfall, floods, drought), risk assessment, planning of preventive measures, exchange of experts, formation and development of volunteer rescue movement.

Assessing the activities already carried out within the framework of the programme, the parties noted that there is quite a lot of progress in the process of developing the capabilities of the system of National Assistance of the Host State and mapping of risk zones. The parties expressed their readiness to continue cooperation towards improving mechanisms for informing the public and forming volunteer forces.

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