The Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation has arrived in Armenia

20:54 / 20.11.2019

On November 20, Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation Nikolay Grechushkin arrived in Armenia on an official visit.

Deputy Minister of Emergency Situations Arkady Balyan welcomed his colleague Nikolay Grechushkin and accompanied him to the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center located in Getargel village of Kotayk Region.

The Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center covers an area of ​​17.5 hectares and is equipped with highly modern humanitarian response and rescue equipment, cynological and mountaineering training facilities, and other essentials.

At the Crisis Management Center of the Humanitarian Response Center, Deputy Ministers Arkady Balyan and Nikolay Grechushkin were presented with a summary report on the activities and opportunities of the Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center.

Throughout the year, the Center has trained numerous rescuers in various training programs, conducted joint exercises with Armenian and Russian sides, and humanitarian aid was sent to Iran and Syria.

Arkady Balyan noted that especially this year during the unprecedented number of forest fires, the unmanned aerial vehicles of Russian-Armenian Humanitarian Response Center were able to clearly locate the fires, allowing firefighters to operate more efficiently.

Large-scale constructions were carried out in the Center this year with the financing of the Government of Armenia, new equipment was purchased.

The fencing of the Center is in the process of completion, a helicopter rink, several rescue bases, new storage for material resources have been built.

The Russian side continued to refurbish the technical base of the Center this year.

The Deputy Ministers had study tour in the Center, got acquainted with the completed and ongoing construction works and with the technical equipment of the center.

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