Rescue Service passes to ''Learn to teach'' principle

14:15 / 15.11.2019

On November 15 the weekly recurrent consultation was held in the Rescue Service of MES of the RA. Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Service held the consultation.

Heads of various subdivisions and of Yerevan and of Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the ongoing activities and existing problems.

Director of the Rescue Service expressed his gratitude to Tigran Petrosyan, r/s Colonel, Head of Rescue Forces Department for the implementation and organization of the special tactic training held in the Sport and Concert Complex on November 12 on a high level.

General-Major Vrezh Gabrielyan announced that the whole service should pass to ''Learn to teach'' principle, which means that Heads of all the subdivisions of the Rescue Service should have relevant knowledge and skills relating the service and afterwards require all that from their subordinates. Director highlighted the development of skills and knowledge in the Rescue Service and assigned relevant subdivisions to set up to work.

It was assigned to provide rescuers’ security during the implementation of firefighting operations, preserve all the safety rules and work only in the conditions of justified risk.

Director assigned all the driver-rescuers of auto-ladders to pass relevant training.

Correct and purposeful use of Rescue Service positions was discussed, relevant assignments were given.

Head of Yerevan Rescue Department was assigned to represent which of the special and important objects of Yerevan had an operative firefighting plan, which of them didn’t.

During the consultation all the arisen issues were discussed and relevant assignments were given.

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