MES held a large-scale training: helicopter was used

17:15 / 12.11.2019

On November 12 special demonstrative tactic training on the ''Implementation and organization of firefighting and rescue activities in the Sport and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan'' was held in the Sport and Concert Complex after Karne Demirchyan.

ES Minister Feliks Tsolakyan followed the process of the training.

The overall surface together with the soil areas formed 9.5 ha, 4 ha of which was the surface of the complex.

According to the scenario of the training an explosion occurs because of the technical malfunction in the sport and concert complex, as a result a fire breaks out, which spreads towards all directions. Because of the high density of smoke some people are blocked in the rooms, there are casualties.

After receiving an emergency call the operator of ''911'' service sends 6 fire units, emergency response and psychological support groups, as well as the first aid group of the Center for Disaster Medicine of MES to the scene according to the defined order.

The Executive staff of the Rescue Service of MES is reported about the case according to the defined order, as well as necessary services are informed.

Guard and internal fire service of the complex organizes evacuation of about 70 workers and citizens.

The rescuers, dispatched to the scene, implement observation of the area and find out that the stage section of the sport hall of the complex with 200 square meters of area is burning.

The observation finds out the directions of the spreading of the fire, the ways of the involvement of forces and means, the decisive direction of firefighting operations, the existence of danger for the people, their location, ways and means of rescue.

At the same time both rescue and firefighting activities are being implemented.

The rescue group uses rescue equipment and tools and implements evacuation of 2 blocked casualties by using “crossing” and “convey of the casualty with the help of a rescuer” tricks.

The first aid group of MES forms a medical point and sorts and renders medical aid to the casualties. The seriously injured casualty is being transferred by the helicopter.

As a result of the rescuers’ skilled operations the fire was first isolated, later was completely extinguished.

Two ambulances of the Ministry of Health, 2 groups from the Road Police and 2 from Malatia-Sebastia Division of the Police of RA, emergency groups from ''Veolia Jur'' CJSC, ''Gazprom Armenia'' CJSC and ''Electric Network of Armenia'' CJSC, as well as a helicopter from ''Armenian Helicopters'' Ltd were involved in the exercise.

After the training Minister Tsolakyan expressed his gratitude to the participants, as well as answered to the questions of journalists.

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