Earthquake hits 45 km South from Ardabil city of Iran, 210 km South-East from Meghry town of the RA

12:30 / 08.11.2019

On November 8, at 02:47 local time (at 22:47 by GMT) the RA MES Seismic Protection Survey Seismological Network registered an earthquake at the northern latitude of 37.820 and eastern longitude of 48.340 geographic coordinates (45 km South from Ardabil city, Iran, 210 km South-East from Meghry town of the RA) with 5.9 magnitude and 10 km depth.

The tremor measured magnitude 8-9 at the epicenter area.

The earthquake was felt in Kapan, Meghry and Goris towns of Syunik Province of the RA at 4, in Yeghegnadzor and Vayk towns of Vayots Dzor Province at 3-4, in Ararat town of Ararat Province and in Yerevan at 3 magnitudes.

According to the updated information from ''РИА Новости'' news agency there were 6 victims and 345 casualties, and destruction of several settlements as a result of the earthquake.

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