Consultation in the Rescue Service

13:00 / 08.11.2019

On November 8 the recurrent weekly procedural consultation was held in the Rescue Service of MES of the RA. Vrezh Gabrielyan, r/s General-Major, Director of the Service held the consultation.

Heads of various Subdivisions and of Yerevan and of Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the ongoing activities and existing issues.

Karen Atoyan, Director of the ''Center for Disaster Medicine'' SNCO informed that Edgar Grigoryans’ (he got injured during the firefighting activities on the mountain-chain of Bazum) health condition was already relatively good, there was a definite positive dynamic.

Tigran Petrosyan, r/s Colonel, Head of the Rescue Forces Department reported that after the earthquake registered in the Islamic Republic of Iran the Urban Search and Rescue Team of Armenia, which meets the standards of international INSARAG, was brought to the high level of readiness, all the issues relating technical and material provision were solved and in case of necessity the team of Armenian rescuers was ready to leave for Iran at any moment.

Afterwards Director of the Rescue Service spoke about a number of issues and gave concrete assignments.

General-Major Gabrielyan assigned to check the existence of radio-connection in all the regional subdivisions and report him, assigned to follow the crew to wear combat uniforms, as well as to preserve the rules of passing to winter season.

Director of the Rescue Service instructed to hold the process of the acquisition of explosive devices in the focus of attention, which was necessary for the implementation of preventive rock-fall.

Head of the Rescue Forces Department was assigned to implement the organization of the large-scale special tactic training to be held in the Sport and Concert Complex in the near future. During the training helicopter will be used.

A number of issues relating the construction of the building for the allocation of the special water and rescue squad in Sevan, enlargement of the framework of the activities of National Crisis Management Center, as well as envisaged structural changes in the personnel of the Rescue Service.

General-Major Gabrielyan gave a number of assignments connected with the organization of the service and discipline.

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