Rescuing is a persistent mission: Feliks Tsolakyan received former Head of NCMC Hovhannes Khangeldyan

17:40 / 06.11.2019

On October 24 Hovhannes Khangeldyan, r/s Colonel, Head of the National Crisis Management Center was relieved of his post according to his pension application.

Colonel Hovhannes Khangeldyan has been in the system of emergency situations for about 20 years.

He has started his service since 2000 and during his career has occupied the posts of the Civil Defense Specialist of Emergency Situations, Officer of Engineer-technical Operations, Operative Duty Officer of the Management Center of the Operative Department, Head of the Civil Defense Regiment Headquarters, Chief Engineer of the Crisis Management Center of the Operative Department, Deputy Head of the Operative Management Department, Head of the Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service, as well as Head of the National Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service of MES of RA.

He was rewarded with Prime Minister’s nominal presents, with medals of ''Prevention, aid, rescue'', 2nd degree of ''15 years for faultless service'', 1st degree of “20 years for faultless service'' by the Minister of MES of RA, with medals of ''Vazgen Sargsyan'', “Drastamat Kanayan” by the Minister of Defense, with the medal for “Strengthening cooperation” by the General Prosecutor of the RA and was rewarded with numerous letters of appreciation and departmental awards during his service.

Minister Feliks Tsolakyan received Hovhannes Khangeldyan on the occasion for going on a pension.

Minister Tsolakyan congratulated Colonel Hovhannes Khangeldyan for his long lasting and faultless service and highly appreciated his merits. According to the Minister, Khangeldyan replenished the ranks of those officers who keep the honor and dignity of the officer high and are distinguished by moral description.

Minister rewarded Hovhannes Khangeldyan with MES souvenir.

Already retired Hovhannes Khangeldyan shared his thoughts during the interview with us: ''I am attached to the Ministry of Emergency Situations like a child: it is my home. I will be enlisted in the front lines if my modest skills and abilities are again needed. Rescuing is a persistent mission'';- particularly noted Hovhannes Khangeldyan.

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