Consultation in the Rescue Service of MES

18:01 / 18.10.2019

On October 18 the recurrent weekly consultation was held in the Rescue Service of MES of the RA. Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Service held the consultation.

Heads of Subdivisions and of Yerevan and of Regional Rescue Departments of the Rescue Service of MES gave the Director reports on the implemented planned and off-site activities, emergency calls, cases and accidents, technical state of transport means, constructional activities being implemented in the departments of the Rescue Service, as well as summarized information relating the implementation of preventive and emergency response activities during the reporting period.

Hovhannes Khangeldyan, r/s colonel Head of the National Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service of MES reported that 16476 emergency calls were registered in “911” service during the above period, 713 of which were accidents. 142 cases of fire and 56 cases of road traffic accidents were registered during the reporting period. As a result there were 4 victims.

Director of the Rescue Service Artak Nahapetyan assigned the fire and rescue subdivisions situated in Yerevan to implement strengthened duty in order to provide the proper level of the organization of the events envisaged in the framework of “Erebouni-Yerevan 2801” festival.

During the consultation the commander headquarters training on “Migration Flows Management as a result of a Disaster or Military Operation” held jointly with the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees involving international organizations and RA State Bodies.

Artak Nahapetyan expressed his gratitude for holding the training on high level and assigned to reward striking rescue officers.

The process of constructional activities being implemented in fire and rescue squads was reported to the Director of the Rescue Service.

Artak Nahapetyan summarized the consultation and gave a number of assignments connected with the organization of the service.

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