Feliks Tsolakyan Received Newly Appointed Head of EU Delegation

14:35 / 01.10.2019

On October 1 Feliks Tsolakyan, Minister of Emergency Situations of RA received Mrs. Andrea Wiktorin, newly appointed Head of EU Delegation.

Greeting the guest, Minister Tsolakyan congratulated Andrea Wiktorin on her appointment as Head of EU Delegation.

Recalling EU contribution, Minister mentioned the 230,000 Euro property program provided to RS of MES of RA. In addition, according to the Minister, work is being carried out to reduce the risk of natural and human-made disasters, to deepen and expand cooperation in civil protection in emergency situations in the framework of EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement (CEPA).

According to Feliks Tsolakyan's observation the destruction of chemical radioactive waste is a priority issue in Armenia for which we don’t have adequate opportunities. The regional allocation creates additional difficulties.

Minister informed that there is a waste disposal plant in Isfahan city, Iran and Iranian side ready to move waste to destruction, but there is a financial problem. International cooperation can be very useful in this regard.

Andrea Wiktorin thanked for the kind and positive reception and confirmed the readiness of EU to support the development of Armenia.

According to her this position is expressed by EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement where too important component is civil defense.

Andrea Wiktorin believes that it is necessary to raise awareness of disaster risk and always remember the devastating consequences.

Further to Ambassador’s comment, Minister added that it was proposed to mark December 7 as Remembrance and Resilience Day on ''RA Holidays and Remembrance Days''.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Emergency Situations once again congratulated Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin on her challenging position and expressed conviction that long-term experience of Mrs. Ambassador will contribute to further deepening cooperation with EU and MES.

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