Consultation in the Rescue Service of MES

15:29 / 27.09.2019

On September 27 the Rescue Service working consultation was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, during which the results of the activities implemented during the reporting period on September 20-27 were summarized.

Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Rescue Service held the consultation.

Responsible bodies gave the Director reports on the implemented planned and off-site activities, emergency calls, cases and accidents, technical state of transport means, constructional activities being implemented in the departments of the Rescue Service, as well as summarized information relating the implementation of preventive and emergency response activities during the reporting period.

Arsen Mkrtchyan, r/s colonel, Deputy Director of the National Crisis Management Center of the Rescue Service of MES reported that 16965 emergency calls were registered in “911” service during the previous week, 324 of which were accidents, 196 of which were of emergency nature.

Arevik Yeritsyan, r/s mayor, Head of the Psychological Support Division of NCMC of MES reported that 7 calls were registered during the previous week. Workers of the psychological service rendered psychological support to the citizens, 9 psychological and psycho-physiological examinations were conducted in the service.

Tigran Gidachyan, r/s colonel, Head of the Civil Defense and Elimination of Disaster Consequences Department of the Rescue Service reported that 34 cases of poisoning were registered during the reporting period. The information on the actual volumes of operating tailings dumps of the Republic existing in the Rescue Service of MES was provided to the Ministry of Environment.

At the end of the consultation Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Rescue Service summarized the consultation and gave a number of assignments. They particularly related to the provision of the statistics, proper organization of constructional and repair activities, distribution of uniforms, rewarding of the R/S workers who took part in the joint anti-terror training called “Ararat-Anti-Terror-2019” organized by the National Security Service of the RA, improvement of the quality of psychological support rendered to citizens.

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