Training for Journalists in the Ministry of Emergency Situations

19:40 / 27.09.2019

On September 25-27 courses of the three-year technical assistance project on “Improvement of Crisis Communication and Public Awareness in the aim of Disaster Risk Management” was held joint with the expert group of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

The recurrent project of the training was envisaged for the journalists.

Dozens of journalists representing Mass Media had an opportunity to listen to the lecture of the experts of JICA expert group, which related to the skills of providing accurate information in the field of emergency situations and the existing world experience.

Arkadi Balyan, Deputy Minister of MES was present at the training. He noted in his speech that this was a good chance for the journalists to acquire knowledge which was necessary for the journalist working in emergency situations in order to organize his or her activities professionally.

Media experts represented peculiarities of the provision of media in various emergency situations to the journalists.

Particularly, risk media is separated, which is provided before the emergency situation, the information provided in rehabilitation phase after the disaster and during the emergency situation.

The main aim of risk media is to provide the public information relating the possible emergency situations and dangerous consequences of disasters. During emergency situations public should get as complete information as possible on the current situation through all the possible channels, which will prevent the possible panic among population.

After an emergency situation or a disaster, when rehabilitation activities start public should be informed.

Information on rehabilitation and restoration always gives positive impulses and gives people hope for life. In all these phases the role of Mass Media is crucial as a unique link between state and society in the field of information exchange.

Experts spoke of the experience of Japan and noted that public considers emergency situations as a part of life and is always psychologically ready for risk prevention, which can’t be said about Armenia, where emergency situation is considered as a special event with possible panic and emotional responses following it.

Experts from JICA expert group spoke of the possible prospects and the existing situation between the journalists and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

A possibility was given to the journalists, as well as the representatives of Emergency Situations to represent all the possible issues, which can impede for a closer cooperation.

Discussions passed in a fairly relaxed and collaborative atmosphere. The representatives of journalists’ community stated that there is a productive cooperation and professional understanding with MES in the field of information provision.

The journalists who participated in the two-day training were awarded with certificates by JICA.

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