Working Meeting Dedicated to the Training on Migration Flows Management was held

15:43 / 17.09.2019

On September 17 working meeting dedicated to the organization and conduct of the headquarters training on “Activities of Migration Flows Management during Military Operation or Disasters” was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

State bodies involved in the training and the representatives of the Armenian office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees took part in the event.

Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Rescue Service welcomed the guests and noted that the plan of the activities of migration flows management during disasters or military operations were sent to the confirmation of the Government and he expected active and productive discussion from the participants of the meeting.

According to the scenario of the training as a result of the crisis in Middle East and Asia grow of the number of people wanting to pass the state border of the RA was noticed in a number of Armenian border checkpoints. Particularly, the checkpoints of Bavra, Gogavan and Bagratashen inform about the growing number of the people wanting to enter Armenia.

Although majority of the people wanting to cross the border are ethnic Armenians, there are also a significant number of people from other nations and different denominations, who run away from endless crisis in their native lands. They view Armenia as a country which continues to accept asylum seekers and hoped to have access and stay at least until the conflicts settle where they came from.

The maximum number of people wishing to cross the border was registered in Bavra border checkpoint (according to the scenario about 5000 people). The Border Guard official in Bavra reported to the superior body on the current situation and suggested establishing a reception center of the flows in the state border checkpoint in the aim of flows management.

The training is envisaged to be held for 3 stages. For the first stage on October 16 it is envisaged to hold a Republican commission meeting and action drawing. The next day on October 17 it is envisaged to carry out testing of the border crossing procedure in Bavra checkpoint. The summarization of the results, organization of the activities and camp settlement expansion will follow them.

In the framework of the meeting active exchange of the viewpoints were held. The composition of the groups responsible for the implementation of the action, representation of departments, camp structure and issues relating to the establishment and management were discussed in detail. Issues related to transport, nutrition and information provision were considered.

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