Civil Defense Operations in the Central Bank

10:46 / 16.09.2019

On September 13 by the Prime Minister’s Decision operations on civil defense were held in the Central Bank and in Dilijan Research Center of the institution led by the working group established by the order of the Minister of Emergency Situations.

Complex assessment of civil defense condition of the Central Bank and its subordinate institution was implemented by the group.

Headquarters training on “Activities of Civil Defense Executive staff during the implementation of the operations of bringing Civil Defense System to readiness” was held with the Civil Defense Executive staff of the Central Bank led by the Civil Defense specialists of the Rescue Service of MES.

The aim of the operations was to improve the readiness of response forces, to check the readiness level of Civil Defense Headquarters and Unions, assess the realism of Civil Defense plan. The results of the assessment will be summarized in the act, based on which essential issues existing in Civil Defense system will be planed and corrected as soon as possible

Issues connected with the productive implementation of monetary policy, financial system and ensuring price stability, bank asset displacement, monetary values during emergency situations and martial law were discussed in detail during the operations.

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