Consultation in the Rescue Service of MES

15:10 / 13.09.2019

On September 13 Rescue Service working consultation was held in the Ministry of Emergency Situations, during which the results of the activities implemented during the reporting period on September 6-13 were summarized.

Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Rescue Service held the consultation.

Responsible bodies gave the Director reports on the implemented planned and off-site activities, emergency calls, cases and accidents, technical state of transport means, constructional activities being implemented in the departments of the Rescue Service, as well as summarized information relating the implementation of preventive and emergency response activities during the reporting period.

According to the reports of the Heads of Regional Rescue Departments special tactic exercises and trainings dedicated to MES Employee’s Day were still being organized in educational and a number of other institutions of the provinces of the Republic.

Aleksan Gyozalyan, r/s colonel, Head of Shirak Regional Rescue Department gave a report that activities of the provision of professional information to the residents, damaged buildings, possible collapses as a result of the earthquake registered 12 km south-west from Bavra village were implemented in the province on September 10.

As a result of the examination damaged buildings were not found.

At the end of the consultation Artak Nahapetyan, r/s colonel, Director of the Rescue Service summarized the consultation and gave a number of assignments. They particularly related to the proper organization of the constructional activities in the provinces. Director of the Rescue Service assigned Heads of the Rescue Departments to take under personal control and keep the quality and relevance of the activities to the constructional plans under constant review.

A. Nahapetyan touched upon the organization and conduct of the proper service of the Rescue Service forces during the festive events dedicated to the Independence Day of the RA.

According to the Director of the Rescue Service the main purpose of the service should become the improvement of the preparedness level of the staff and in this context the establishment and development of urban search and rescue teams in all the provinces of the Republic.

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