MES Seismic Protection Survey Informed

16:07 / 11.09.2019

On September 10, at 20:22 local time an earthquake with 4.8 magnitude and 10 km depth was registered 12 km south-east from Bavra village, Armenia-Georgia border zone: the strength of earthquake at the epicenter was magnitude 6-7. According to preliminary data, the earthquake was felt in Shirak, Lori, Tavush, Aragatsotn, Armavir Provinces and Yerevan. On September 11, at 05:00 followed from 1.0 to 3.7 magnitudes about 100 aftershocks: the aftershocks weaker than the first shock, in this regard, it could be concluded the seismic activity is decreasing.

The earthquake is adjacent to Javakhk extension zone (volcanic plateau). Javakhk Plateau and nearby territories intersect with a number of active faults, which are associated with numerous earthquakes, both historical and modern era. Javakhk extension zone was characterized by young volcanoes, a large number of weak and moderate earthquakes. The high seismicity of this zone can be explained by existing volcanic hearths.

According to current regulations, Seismic Protection Territorial Survey of MES of RA continues to implement a 24-hour presence and seismic monitoring.

Multiparameter monitoring data analysis shows that in all likelihood in the field of tension sudden changes are not predicted. Seismic regime is under control. More information about the further development will be provided.

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