Minister Feliks Tsolakyan’s congratulatory message on MES employee’s Day

15:28 / 04.09.2019

Dear compatriots,

Today is the day of the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, perhaps the most humanitarian force structure of the planet.

I call it the most humanitarian, as, though rescuer wears a uniform and has a military service he never punishes and judges, contrariwise endangers his own life and health for rescuing lives.

In this case rescuer’s specialization is a mission, which involves strength, kindness and that high rank of the rescuer, which has love and care for everyone.

The Rescue Service of MES has its unique place in the world’s big rescue family. Armenian rescuer is able to render support not only as, but also friend peoples in danger and misery, which we have proved many times.

It does not of course mean that everything is good and there are no more to do in the system. Of course, there are so many things to do, but I’ll talk about them very little today.

Time changes, challenges of our system change, their quality and geography changes too and the Government has lately provided more than 260 million AMD from the state budget in order to obtain rescue property and about 1 milliard AMD for the reconstruction of fire and rescue squads.

You already know that as a result of my suggestion and Prime Minister’s readiness a decision has been made that rescuer’s salary will be raised from October 1 of the current year. Unfortunately I should note that rescuers have done the impossible for a modest salary till today.

I assure that we, our people and everybody have waited for this decision for many years. Our rescuers, for sure, deserve high praise.

Dear compatriots,

This year was unprecedented in case of fires and emergency situations. Unfortunately, fires did not bypass us, either. We had a number of complex fires, the consequences of which may be fatal both for the state and for our people. In order to represent more pictorial what I said I should note that the amount and scales of fires were so large that the central apparatus of the Rescue Service was involved in firefighting activities, too.

It may seem droll but we could not even find rescuers for taking part in the rehearsals of the preparatory activities of today’s solemn parade. Everybody were taking part in firefighting activities.

I should note with pride that our rescuers, particularly the boys from the ranks, have done their job honorably by endangering their own lives. The orders were executed with coolness, without murmuring, without pathos and formalities. A number of our boys got tired at the scene for several days so much that they got crashed on the way home, but they hurried to the scene again the next day.

What is this, if not heroism?

This is the type of a rescuer that I imagine. Rescuer is a hero, hero-soldier of his homeland and people. The one who fights against fire, landslide, earthquake and other disasters days and nights, who ensures the security and peace of his citizen inside the border.

This is the image of Armenian rescuer, who has devotion and care for the system, neighbors, relatives and even evil.

Unfortunately, there are eployees who wear uniform but have nothing to do with the high rank of rescuer.

We notice them in junior as well as in senior, main and even in higher groups of the service.

I assure that these are private cases and it can be adjusted over time, as this type of rescuer has no place beside the honorary rescuer.

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you on MES employee’s Day and would like to state that any employee of MES system, regardless of his position, is a rescuer. Catastrophic cases of 1988 proved that our any citizen is a rescuer. Unlike other nations God has endowed our people with the feature to grieve the pain of a relative or a friend, to rejoice with him and in case of necessity to unite. Believe me, that this is an important merit, which should be used not only for the elimination of disaster consequences, but also for the prevention.

The vivid proof of what I said is the active participation of the residents, communities, police, army, subdivisions of the Ministry of Environment in firefighting activities of the fires of Syunik, Vayots Dzor and other places, so I express my gratitude to everyone once more.

Dear compatriots,

I congratulate you again on this sacred professional holiday. I wish you and your families good luck and success.

You do a good job, you implement Godly mission, which is appreciated by your direct executive bodies and what is the most valuable, by our people.

I thank you for your service.

P.S. I noted that some of our rescuers got crashed on the way home because of tiredness and overload, cars of r/s Lieutenant Colonel Garegin Hakobyan and r/s Senior Sergeant Andranik Ghazaryan almost turned into scrap metal.

I don’t know whether I have that the right to it, but I have made an exceptional decision to reward the boys with similar cars on behalf of the whole staff of MES.

Conscience and peace to all of us…

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